What goes around comes around! I am so lucky to have a lot of good friends, a family that loves me, a job that I love and so on. I am also grateful for being healthy and able to work with joy for my dreams. One of them being my special journey; now I feel like I need to give back something for this. Walking my way to Santiago de Compostela I found out how can I do it, talking to my first friend from “El Camino”, Andrea.

On „El Camino” you may find a lot of things for free, like fruits on the trees, albergues( hostels) that goes only for donativos ( donations) or some other things you need.
On my way I received a lot of things, even when I was home, preparing for my journey. So, I decided to count everything I got from my friends and everything I got on the way. I gave everything a value and the final amount is almost 175 euros.


Backpack& neck pillow& other small stuff 62
Headlamp 5
Albergue with small price or donativos 30
Fruits 10
Pharmacy stuff& SPF cream & anti-insects bracelet 20
Blisters treatment 10
Tea I forgot to pay 2
Drinks 10
Dinner or lunch my friends paid for 23
Train ticket to Santander I didn’t paid for 3
Total euro 175


I decided to give those money to a special cause: “Asociatia exista viata dupa doliu” (Association there is life after bereavement ) https://tabaradorului.wordpress.com .

My journey was like a healing trip and, like I said, I am very gratefuI I did it. And I chose this cause also because I want a child to have a healing trip.



They have a special summer camp with poor families who have lost one parent. I’ve lost my father when I was 13 and I remember that my Chemistry teacher sent me to a camp that summer. It’s my turn now to do something similar for somebody else.




I am doing this today because it is my name day and I already have all the gifts I wished for and because in the upcoming days will be Mihaela’s Birthday and all she wants as a present is to make a gift to someone’s grieving family. I trust Mihaela and her team and I hope they will be able to organize this special camp this summer!

Finally, but not last, I want to say thank you to all of my friends that made this donation possible. You are amazing, guys! I am so happy to have you all in my life!